Saturday, 1 February 2014

Last Day

Well the sad day had to arrive sometime...its travel day. We packed up and tidied up the condo and got on the road. We didn't fly out of Maui until midnight so had a long day of driving ahead of us.  We decided that Iao Valley would be first stop.  Once again at noon on a Friday the traffic crawled between Lahaina and the turn off to Kihei but we got through it and made it to the valley.  Very pretty and peaceful

After some time wandering the paths we headed south.  Drove all the way to La Perouse Bay ...driving through the lava fields reminded us of the drive north from the Kona airport on the big island...desolate but still beautiful.  La Perouse Bay feels like the tip of the world

After that we stopped at Big Beach.  They've got lifeguard stations there now which was a new addition from our trip several years ago.  It's a beautiul beach that every visitor to Maui should see

We fought the traffic into Paia where we bought a couple of last minute souvenirs.   We were going to eat there but all the restaurants were just too busy so we headed into Kahului. We had dinner at a ramen house in the Maui Mall which was really good then we gassed up and returned the car to Enterprise and headed to the airport. Security lines were long but very efficient.  Flight to Portland was smooth and we slept the whole way.  We caught our connecting flight to Seattle where we are right now waiting for the last leg of our trip home. All in all a fantastic Maui vacation!  Aloha!