Thursday, 16 November 2017

Kauai 2017 Days 10 and 11

Wednesday morning came and after a walk to Living Foods for coffee and breakfast we decided that Kelly's neck was loose enough to go for a drive as long as I did the driving.  We headed up to Waimea Canyon.  The scenery was truly breathtaking even though it was cool and rainy.  I was only 58 degrees at the top, quite a change from the 79 at sea level.

Am I correct in thinking that the following shot is a picture of the "property" in the trust in The Descendant's movie?

We made our way back down to the warmth and headed back with a stop for shrimp from the Shrimp Farm outlet in Hanapepe. When we got back I hurried down to the culinary market at Shops at Kukuiula and got a baby Lilikoi Cream Cheese pie from Right Slice, some white sugarloaf pineapple and fresh fruit for breakfast and then  I cooked the shrimp up with some Pesto and pasta for a simple tasty dinner.  Sunset this evening included the green flash. No pictures this time, we just wanted to concentrate on the beauty.  One more hot tub and The Voice again and it was bed time. I feel like we are on a child's bedtime schedule here but so much fresh air and activity just knocks us out.

Today was the day for my tattoo appointment.  I had decided that I wanted a tattoo to celebrate turning 50 as well as a permanent souvenir of my trip.  After a lot of research I decided on Pedro at Farsyde tattoo, and he didn't disappoint.  He did a beautiful job and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Dinner tonight was a stir fry to use up our leftovers and then Evan and I took a final walk to Lappert's for an ice cream.  We're getting ready to head to the airport with him for his red eye flight home tonight at 11:30.  Kelly and I fly home tomorrow on the same red eye so we'll be spending the day shopping and touring around.  The rum distillery for sure and possibly the coffee plantation.  Dinner will hopefully be at Duke's or Lava Lava for one last cocktail with our toes in the sand before heading home to the cold and winter.  My last post will be from home.  Aloha!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Kauai 2017 Day 9

Tuesday was pretty relaxed.  After our morning walk and my blog post I was feeling a bit under the weather, a little dizzy and nauseous. A lot of water had me feeling better so I'm making a point of drinking more of the stuff.  I lazed about indoors for a couple of hours reading while Kelly and Evan went for a walk.  They came back and told me they'd seen lots of Honu in Ho'ia Bay beside Kuhio Shores so I went back over with Kelly and got some pictures. 

It was between rain showers at the time so couldn't resist some pictures of the ocean. 

We spent the afternoon reading, doing laundry, and some light housekeeping as well as partaking in a shaved ice from Riptides  We went for another swim and hot tub and Kelly and I decided to venture over to the Beach House for a drink and some Pupuus.

After we were done we discovered that the monk seal from this morning came back.  I texted Evan to come over and see and we sat on the sea wall and watched until another rain shower drove us back indoors.

Evan got himself a pizza from the food truck that comes on Tuesdays and we settled on the lanai for awhile.  In the meantime Kelly took the camera and went on a Gecko hunt.  He's fascinated by those little guys. 

At this time we watched the daily arrival of the parakeets and then it was time for The Voice and another early night on Kauai.  A combination of golf, snorkeling, and swimming has put Kelly's back out so hopefully the medication this morning will relax it enough for a drive up the canyon.  We will see what the day brings.  The great part about a vacation is that there is no set timetable to do anything.  I'm going to venture over to the beach with my coffee and watch the ocean for awhile. Aloha.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Kauai 2017 Days 7 and 8

Sunday morning dawned nice and sunny.  After a leisurely morning and some breakfast we rented snorkel gear from Boss Frog's beside the Beach House and did a little snorkeling at Lawai Beach.  It was a little choppy and the visibility wasn't the greatest but still had a good hour.

We went back to the condo and I went on a grocery run to Koloa while Kelly and Evan played some tennis.  We got back about the same time and Evan felt a migraine coming on so he took some medication and rested while Kelly and I headed to Poipu Beach for some more snorkeling.  The first thing we saw upon arrival was these two big guys.

They were having a good rest in the sun while the volunteers were keeping everyone back and answering questions.  There was one more further along the beach as well but we didn't walk down that far.  The snorkeling was really good here.  I found it better than Lawai Beach this day.

After snorkeling we headed back and had a swim and a hot tub then proceeded to the roof for sunset.  It had rained the previous 2 evenings so this was the first opportunity for sunset pictures.

After sunset we grilled some steaks and ate them on the lanai with this backdrop.

A couple glasses of wine and one more hot tub and that's it we were done and ready for bed. 

Monday we had a tee time booked at Puakea so we headed into Lihue.  Grabbed something to eat and proceeded to the golf course. We like this course as it's very reasonably priced.  65 dollars after 11:00 and 40 dollars for rentals.  We had an enjoyable 18 holes and our game wasn't too too bad but I certainly played the back nine better than the front....11 strokes better.  Took me a while to get used to different clubs, at least that's my excuse.  The course is in great shape and even though there are no ocean holes it still has some pretty scenery.

We stopped at Costco and grabbed a ready made lasagna and caesar salad from the deli and some more beer.  Got back and went for a swim and hot tub and ate our easy dinner then watched The Voice and fell asleep early again.  Woke up this morning with the birds (literally as the parakeets make quite a noise at 6:30 am every morning taking off) and after reading my book for an hour, Kelly and I walked to Lappert's for coffee and this fellow was resting on Lawai Beach.

A full on rain shower hit us just before we got back to the condo so we got soaked but the rainbow was worth it.

Today is a do nothing day as I think I got too much sun yesterday and I'm not feeling so well.  Rest and shade is in order. Maybe later this afternoon we'll see how we're doing and go for a drive.