Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Kauai 2015 Last Day

This was our last full day of vacation. After going for breakfast at Hanalei Wake Up Cafe we spent the entire morning just lazing at the pool. We found that this half of our vacation we turned into homebodies, spending most of our time on our lanai or at the pool. Part of me felt we should be out exploring the island but a bigger part said nope this is great right here. Hanalei Bay Resort is a really great place to stay if you can get past the roosters crowing from 3 am onwards. After some lunch we ventured to Queens Bath. Kelly wanted to see it and it was really close. We had no intentions of swimming but it was very calm and lots of people were jumping in. I can see from the colours on the rocks though just how big the surf could get though.

We spent the rest of our day poolside. Here's pictures of the pool area so you can see why we spent so much time there.

Dinner was going to be Tikiman pizza. I phoned in the order then spent the time taking flower pictures. HBR has beautiful grounds and each day it seemed like new flowers bloomed.

We picked up our pizza which was very good and got packed. We are out of here at 10 am today. Our flight isn't until 9:45 but we plan on golf at noon at Wailua and exploring Kapaa a bit. We return our car at 7:30 and then it's wait for our flight. Aloha Kauai and mahalo for your hospitality. We will be back!

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