Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 1

We flew on Alaska Airlines Kelowna-Seatle-Maui and everything was on time and uneventful... found our shuttle to Enterprise to pick up our rental car.  I found a great price through Discount Hawaii Car Rentals..a convertible for ten days for 346 dollars.  Noone else was at Enteshopping and it took about five minutes to get our paper work organized.  No upsale either.  She asked how we wanted to cover extra insurance..I replied through my coverage at home...and she asked if we wanted to bring the car back empty or full.  Then out to the lot to pick up our car.  We got a 2014 Mustang convertible. Then it was on our way to The Westin.  Check in was smooth and took five minutes.  I got our room through priceline for 189 a night so wasn't expecting much.  We're on the fourth  floor and we overlook the main entrance and parking lot but it can be interesting watching people coming and going.  Our room is one of the refurbished rooms and it's quite nice and the bed is amazing! So comfortable! We fell asleep around midnight.  Just as a side note...they're still doing construction..the 2nd and 3rd floors are being worked on and you here some noise during the day.

Up very early on our first morning here.  We watched a huge storm blow in...the rain came down so hard you couldn't see the golf course across the street.  Once it stopped we decided to go check out the resort. The open air lobby is quite beautiful.
Waterfall and Koi Pond

Resort Flamingoes
After this mornings storm the surf was pretty high so swimming was definitely out of the question

Kaanapali Beach
Even though it might be hard to tell in the photo the surf really is pounding. We had an appointment at The Snorkel Store to pick up snorkel and beach chairs for our stay.  If you go to their website and pay online you get 1/2 price rentals. Good deal! After  a little shopping at Whaler's Village we decide that the action is probably pretty good at Nakalele Blowhole so we jump in the car and head north. Surf was amazing! Pictures don't truly do it justice because you can't hear the roar of the surf.

After a couple of hours of watching the surf (we also saw some whale action very far out) it was time to head back as we had reservations at Fleetwoods on Front Street for dinner.  We caught the Westin Shuttle into Lahaina and made it for happ hour.  They didn't have the roof top open yet fbecause they were stilling drying it out from the morning storm.  We had cocktails In the bar and then moved upstairs for dinner.  Fleetwoods seems to get mixed reviews but our service and food  was top notch.  Pricey but worth every penny.  We loved the sunset ceremony with the bagpipes
and the Hawaiin Blessing. Here's some pictures.

Very busy and enjoyable first day on Maui.  Tomorrow is cabana day.

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