Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 7 and 8

I decided to combine day 7 and 8 as both days involved one of our favorite things to do as a couple...golfing. I had a tee time booked at Royal Kannapali on Tuesday for 110 each through  This was prepaid to get that price and non refundable.  Needless to say the weather on Tuesday was a bit daunting lol.  Pouring rain and windy.  If you watched any of last year's Hyundai Classic in Kapalua it was very similar.  Oh well we were going to make the best of it...we wouldn't be able to play golf if we were home and at least the course wouldn't be crowded lol.  It truly is a beautiul course with a very nice clubhouse.  We always try to buy some kind of souvenir from courses we play on vacation and this time it was magnetic ball markers that clip to your hat.  Kelly took my camera into the locker room to take a couple of pictures of player's lockers for me lol.

They loaded our cart with extra towels and away we went.  Boy I've never been wetter playing golf but on the other hand I've been colder.   Because of the weather we hardly saw another golfer on the course and it was like having the whole course to ourselves.  The one and only thing I truly hate about golf is being pushed by people behind me.  Yes I understand about keeping the pace up and we make sure not to dawdle but in the end we all paid a lot of money for a round and let's face it...the majority of us are not pga quality. Anyway mini rant over...despite the rain and wind we truly did have an awesome outing. The pictures I took don't truly flatter the course because of the weather but I'll post them just the same.

After getting back to the condo, wringing ourselves out and getting some dry clothes we decide to go out for dinner.  I really wanted to try Star Noodle but there was going to be an hour wait for a table so we decide on Bubba Gumps which I know sounds a bit corny but is a favorite of mine. After food and a couple of drinks I can feel muscles stiffening up and I could probably lay my head on the bar and go right to sleep so we head for home, but not before picking up this little gem of a sign in the gift shop.

Wednesday morning's tee time is at the Elleair at 6:52 am so off we go bright and early.  We stop at Starbucks in The Cannery Mall and Kelly had a funny's raining so he let me off at the curb to run in while he waited in the car...the police came up to him while I was inside and told him the parking lot was for waiting and to move....I wish they'd do that at Walmart in Kelowna lol.  Back on the road and it's still raining plus we see lightening and hear thunder so we're thinking oh boy here we go again.  But by the time we get to the course its just a little misty.  We're paired today with a couple of members who are really nice.  Time to tee off and it's barely getting light but away we go.  You can just see your ball resting on your tee...good thing we hit straight up the middle and didn't have to search for the ball.  Third hole in and one of the guys hits a hole in its pretty cool to see that happen. It rained a little off and on but was still a great morning.  The one guy told us that he hadn't seen weather like this in 14 years but were pretty happy because there has been such a draught and they really need the rain.  All in all a nice course and really reasonable prices.  We booked it for 79 dollars each through

Golf done so head home for the afternoon...the ocean actually looks pretty calm along the way so we have hopes of snorkelling at the beach in front of the condo and finding some turtles but alas, once again the ocean is against us is very murky from all the rain so we will not be entering the water. I've tried to show how murky it is in these couple of pictures

We did have a pleasant afternoon just hanging out catching some sun when it peeked out from behind the clouds and swimming in the pool.
 I was able to get a nice picture of the view from our lanai... this has been a great spot to sit and we've been able to watch lots of whales.

There is always a bright side to something and the bright side to rain is...rainbows!!

We had a beautiful sunset this night as well...

Another wonderful couple of days on vacation.  I've been writing this this morning on the lanai enjoying my coffee and snapped this picture

We're back to blue skies and sunshine so we're grabbing our snorkel gear and heading to the beach!

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