Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 4

Here it is another early morning...I can't seem to sleep past 4:00 am.  I'm finding the bed in this condo to be quite uncomfortable but that's ok...I've been finding it to be a nice time to work on my blog each morning.  We arrived at the Kuleana late Friday afternoon and its very nice.  The units are small but the ground are lush...the pool is quite big and you can't beat the oceanfront location.  Our unit is qround floor and although its not one of the oceanfront units we still have a nice ocean view from the lanai. This morning the wind was back and the waves were high again.

Obviously snorkelling is out of the question but thats ok as we're booked for the 11:00 sailing on the scotch mist.  After a breakfast of Kula strawberries,  pineapple,  papya with lime, and bagels with that amazing lillikoi cream cheese from the Honokawai farmer's market , we head into Lahaina.  Here's a sidenote...we made a big parking error today...we parked in the Lahaina outlet stores lot thinking it was all day parking for five dollars like it is across the street in the Longs's NOT...we were parked for about four hours and it fost sixteen dollars!!!!! We walked down to the harbour and signed in for the Scotch Mist.  We climbed aboard and headed out.
Gorgeous day for sailing.  Kelly and I sat right in the bow and because that meant most likely getting soaked I opted to store my phone below deck so it didn't get wet.  I will do a final post when I get home of any pictures we took with our other camera.  We saw some whales right away...they were surfacing and spouting and a young calf was learning to slap it's tail.  We're on the Scotch Mist though and the emphasis is more on the sailing aspect than the whale aspect.....we hit the channel and the wind and all the sails went up and away we went....exhilarating....we got splashed and really really enjoyed the whole experience.  I highly recommend this outing.  We got back to harbour and I was able to take pictures again.

We head back to the condo to have a light lunch and lazy afternoon.   The bonus while we were eating on the lanai was watching all kinds of whale play going on.  Iwatched one whale doing tail slaps for at least five minutes through the binoculars. Lazed around swimming in the pool,reading, watching whales, and just sitting down by the ocean watching the waves.

We stayed in this evening and grilled some steaks and asparagus and just kicked back and watched a little tv...zonked out early again.  Hoping that Day 5 brings some snorkelling into the mix.

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