Saturday, 28 March 2015

Kauai 2015 Day 3

Another early morning but this time I was rewarded with a pretty sunrise

Our plans today consisted of golfing at Puakea and the art night at Hanapepe.  I had booked a tee time at 11:10 which was 65 dollars each for 18 holes. Before 11 it's 105 dollars. We stopped at Costco again on the way. When we were there the day before, I noticed Maui Jim sunglasses for 89 dollars. Even with our Canadian dollar being what it is, that is still a screaming deal. I've never seen them under 200 dollars before. I tried them all on and found a pair that I love. After my little shopping fix we proceeded to the golf course. I have to say that the service at Puakea is impeccable. When you pull into the parking lot someone comes out to your car with the cart, loads your clubs and says he'll meet you at the starters bench when you're done in the pro shop. When you're done your round someone sees you pull up to your car comes out wipes down your clubs and loads them back in your car. Like I said...great great service.  We had great game. The course isn't pristine but is in great shape especially for the price. If we were here longer I'd play it again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fairly inexpensive course to play. Here's some pictures I took during our round. 

We both had a fairly decent round seeing as it's early in golf season for the pair of us, as well as getting lots of practice hitting out of the sand lol.
After our round we headed back to our condo to have something to eat and drink, clean up and head to Hanapepe for art night.  We stopped at the Hanapepe overlook and took a couple of pictures.

We both enjoyed art night. We went in all the shops and galleries but anything that truly caught our eye was totally out of our budget. We wandered around and each had a slice of pie...lilikoi cheesecake for Kelly and mango lilikoi for me, then bam we were tired and done. Time to head home for a drink and bed.

It was another busy fulfilling day on Kauai. No sunset pictures today but tomorrow will be our fixed wing tour of Waimea Canyon and or Na'pali Coast sunset sail.

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