Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kauai 2015 Day 7

Today was our last full day on the south shore and oh what a day it was...we have fish, we have turtles, we have monk seals, and we also have spectacular scenery. I have no sunrise pictures today because I actually slept past sunrise....yayyyy :). Today was the first day that the surf seemed low enough that I was confident to snorkel in Ho'ai Bay beside our condo. The sun wasn't really shining so I couldn't get good pictures but the snorkelling was great. I was just floating along when I felt something out the corner of my eye...I turned around and a turtle was there about two feet away swimming past me...I swallowed a bit of salt water because I was so startled. After I got out of the water, Kelly said he saw it beside me from shore and thought it was going to swim right into me. Made my day. After my little snorkelling excursion we got cleaned up and headed out to walk the Maha'ulepu Heritage Trail. What beautiful scenery. Here's some photos from the start of the trail.

We were walking along the cliffs enjoying the view when for the first time I spotted wild life before Kelly....this fellow was resting and sunning himself below us.

This was my fourth trip to the Hawaiin Islands and my first sighting of a monk seal. It was truly a special moment. We continued along the path enjoying the views. 

We didn't do the whole trail, it was just too hot. We turned back at the 15th tee box on the golf course. 
By this time we were so hungry that we needed to stop on the way home to eat.  Puka dogs and lemonade!

Never has a hotdog tasted so good lol. After we got back we tried to snorkel in Ho'pia bay again but it was too rough so we went to the other side to Lawai Beach and had a great snorkel. Here's some of the better photos.

I'm saving the best one though....all of a sudden, right below us this guy came along, I almost didn't manage the picture and I was so happy to see when we got back and checked the pictures that I'd managed to capture him. 

There is just something about turtles. :)
After our snorkel it was almost time for dinner.  Tonight we ate in and dined on grilled monchong seasoned with Salty Wahine Guava Garlic Salt.

After dinner we enjoyed our last sunset from in front of the Beach House.

Tomorrow is transition day from Kuhio Shores to Hanalei Bay Resort.

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