Monday, 30 March 2015

Kauai 2015 Day 5

No sunrise this was overcast and a bit rainy. We decided that a walk was in order. We walked around the neighbourhood enjoying the morning for about an hour. I got some nice pictures of different color hibiscus.

I also love this sign.

After we got back and enjoyed a breakfast of fresh fruit, we thought we'd give snorkelling a try even though the water at Lawai beach was a bit choppy. We got in and lasted about 15 minutes before we decided it was just too rough to snorkel and our time would be better spent on our lanai. I managed a couple of pictures before heading back to shore.

I'm sure we'll have better conditions before we go home but at least I got my new camera wet. After rinsing the salt off we sat on the lanai just watching the waves and having some cheese and crackers. After a couple of hours of watching the surf get bigger and bigger (apparently there's a high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow morning) we decided that it should be pretty good at Spouting Horn. We headed there and I got some spectacular photos of the pounding surf.

We left Spouting Horn then explored Old Koloa Town and headed home. By this time I was feeling peckish so decided dinner was in order. 

Tonight we turned this:

And this:

Into this:

Kauai shrimp seasoned with Salty Wahine Black Lava Garlic Salt and tenderloin steaks seasoned with Salty Wahine Hawaiin Rub, served with Caesar salad and a 2009 Valpolicella. Very tasty.  No sunset tonight because of the rain and clouds but we did have a rainbow.

Tomorrow hopefully brings some snorkelling in the morning if the surf goes down followed by an afternoon tee time at Kiahuna Golf club.

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