Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kauai 2015 Day 4

We had a busy day planned today but I'll start off with the morning's sunrise.

We had our air and sea tour today that we booked through Air Ventures. This was a fixed wing tour of Kauai with Air Ventures and a sunset cruise with Holoholo Charters out of Port Allan. I was nervous about the air tour because I tend to get a little air sick in big planes but I took my gravol and off we went. The plane holds 6 passengers and they seat you according to your weight. We went out on the apron and the pilot took pictures for everyone.

We boarded and had our pre safety lesson and off we went. It couldn't have been a more perfect day for flying. I took lots of pictures but a lot of them didn't turn out as nice as I hoped. Taking them through the glass with the sun at funny angles didn't help but I did get some nice ones. I at least got a great picture of Kuhio Shores from the air.

Here are some of the better shots I got.

I'm very glad I did this but probably wouldn't do it again. I was fighting nausea the whole way even though it was a very smooth flight. A rougher day probably would have had me saying "Aloha" as our pilot put it. I think it has something to do with my ears not popping properly, who knows. I only run into this in the air and sometimes in the back of a car. On boats I'm fine...go figure. Once we were back on the ground we decided to eat as we were starving so went to the Feral Pig and had great breakfast. I had eggs benedict which to my surprise came with an ultra thin pork chop instead of ham but was awesome. Between that and a ginger ale, my stomach was soon back to normal. We poked around in some shops then headed home. We only had a couple of hours before our boat trip so we just hung out on the lanai and watched turtles and surfers. 

It was time to head to Port Allan for our sunset cruise so off we went. This was the highlight of our trip for me so far. I stood at the front of the cat held on and got soaked. Best amusement park ride ever! We had amazing weather, surf wasn't too high, and the sun shone brightly for the whole trip. We went full speed to the Na'pali coast. We stopped for what we thought were Dolphins, but when one of the crew members went in with a snorkel and mask, turned out to be Pygmy Killer Whales. It was hard to get a picture but here's a couple.

We continued on, stopped for whales a couple of times, then reached the Na'pali Coast. It was truly spectacular. It was so calm that we were actually able to get the cat right in close to a couple of the sea caves. Here are the best of the shots I took. Once again it was a bit hard to focus in a moving boat but some of my pictures didn't turn out too badly.

The crew fed us and we headed back, once the meal was done the captain headed the boat out way off shore and opened it up. Again I stood up in front getting soaked and hung on for the ride. We cruised back at full speed stopping again a couple of times for whales. We stopped the boat about ten minutes out of port and the crew passed out champagne and we watched the sunset.

This was an amazing trip. The service was impeccable, our drinks were never empty unless you wanted them to be, the captain and crew answered any questions people had, and I would highly recommend Holoholo charters to anyone wanting to get on the water while in Kauai.  Tomorrow is going to be a rest day...maybe snorkel a little, maybe check out Spouting Horn, we'll see what happens.

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